Chandlery Nano Spot

The Chandlery Building is home to the Maritime Explorium.  The building was built in the 1890’s and served as the chandlery, a store that sold nautical gear, candles, rope, sail repair kits and all of the other equipment a ship would need for a long voyage.

A modern chandlery sells goods typical for fuel-powered commercial ships, such as oil tankers, container ships and bulk carriers. Supplies for the 21st century incorporate nanotechnology to provide more efficient and effective assistance to a ship’s crew such as Nano sunscreen, nanomagnets, and barnacle busting paint made with carbon nanotubes to make an extra hard finish that reduces drag.

During your visit to the Maritime Explorium be sure to experience our interactive Chandlery Nano Spot Exhibit where you can learn more about products sold in chandlerys and sort them according to your criteria!

Explore www.WhatIsNano.Org to find out more about “nano” and how nanotechnology has the potential to change the way we live!